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Hockey Stick Outlet: Products & Services

When you are searching for any type of sports gear it is important to have a large selection of brands and sizes to choose from. Hockey Stick Outlet provides both of these. The website only deals with hockey sticks and hockey stick related items such as tape, wax, and pucks. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out there is a hockey stick for you at Hockey Stick Outlet, these items include:

Composite sticks with sizes in the senior, intermediate, junior, and youth categories. They also have a variety of stiffness levels for the composite sticks ranging from stiffness of 30 through 112. The brands of composite sticks include Bauer, CCM, Easton, Reebok, and Sher-Wood.

Wood sticks are also available for the more old school hockey player. These come in the senior and junior sizes and they have CCM, Easton, and Sher-Wood sticks.

Goal sticks come in senior and intermediate sizes. The brands of goal sticks available at Hockey Stick Outlet include, Bauer, Sher-Wood, and Warrior.

In addition to whole sticks, Hockey Stick Outlet also has replacement shafts and blades available for the senior sized sticks. Also there are a wide variety of stick and shooting related accessories available here.

One of the features that is very useful on Hockey Stick Outlet is the Gear Guide. This guide not only has information on the different types of sticks and which stick is right for you, but it also shows videos on many different techniques involved with hockey such as the slap shot. All of these videos are very informative and really shows the expertise of Hockey Stick Outlet.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Company Background

Hockey Stick Outlet is a relatively new company. It is located in Santa Ana, California. Their mission statement is to "Provide the best shopping experience for hockey sticks and hockey stick accessories," and to "Support all aspects of the sport." This is why they are so thorough with their how-to guides and videos.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Customer Feedback & Reviews

One of the difficult with Hockey Stick Outlet is that there just is not very much information out about the company most likely because it is relatively new on the scene. In searching a variety of opinion sites such as Epinions and Consumer Reports, there have yet to be any customer or professional reviews of this company. Hockey Stick Outlet was founded in 2012 by Hockey Fort LLC. The website seems very clean and customer friendly, they also have a variety of consumer friendly incentives available, such as free shipping on orders over 75 dollars. But due to the lack of information I cannot in good faith give Hockey Stick Outlet a high rating for customer feedback, perhaps no news is good news but I cannot judge that. 

Hockey Stick Outlet: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Due to the fact that Hockey Stick Outlet is new on the scene they have not built up too much business credibility, they are registered on, but they do not have enough reviews to be considered for a rating yet. They also are not on the Better Business Bureau as of yet. However they are Upfront Merchant certified which basically means that Upfront Merchant backs them as being a good business. Again not too much information but they seem good upon first glance.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Google PageRank Hockey Stick Outlet gets 0/10 with regards to traffic on the website. Again this is most likely due to the lack of time that Hockey Stick Outlet has been around. Alexa shows that Hockey Stick Outlet does not receive a large amount of traffic. Unfortunatly I cannot rank the popularity very highly because Hockey Stick Outlet simply does not generate a lot of traffic. 

Hockey Stick Outlet: Social Media Presence

With regards to social media this is a real bright spot for Hockey Stick Outlet. They have a Facebook page that is well put together and allows the user to link to a variety of hockey related items. They currently have 13 likes on Facebook so they are still building on that front. Hockey Stick Outlet also has a Twitter page. Their twitter account has 22 tweets and 167 followers as of the date of this article.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Website Security & Safety

The website for Hockey Stick Outlet is very secure. They are McAfee Secured which is updated daily. The transactions are all done on a secure connection and there have been no negative reviews with regard to security. According to Google there have been no suspicious actions related to the Hockey Stick Outlet. Also there have been no reports of malicious software or malware associated with the company's website.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Pricing & Packages

When looking at pricing of their most expensive stick the Easton Stealth RS Composite, it shows that their prices are on the average to high when compared with their competitors. For example, the stick shown above costs $249.99 on Hockey Stick Outlet, but is going for $199.99 on However many of the other competitors also are selling the stick for $249.99 so it is on par with them. What makes Hockey Stick Outlet competitive is the low price guarantee which basically say that if you find an advertised price lower than Hockey Stick Outlet's price send it in and they will refund you 110% of the difference.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Shipping Rates & Policies

Hockey Stick Outlet provide a variety of shipping options and most importantly any shipping on purchases of $75.00 or more is free. Almost all of the sticks and gear on the website costs over 75 dollars so most orders will end up having free shipping. The shipping is via UPS ground and no approximate dates of arrival are listed. They do not ship internationally.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Payment Methods Accepted

Hockey Stick Outlet provides a wide variety of payment methods. They accept PayPal and are PayPal verified. They accept Google Checkout and Amazon Payments. Hockey Stick Outlet also accepts the major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. All of these options are detailed on the checkout page where you pick your method of payment.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Hockey Stick Outlet does accept exchanges and returns. In order to return an item for a refund you must send the item back in in good condition and within 90 days. After 90 days they will not accept any returns. One restriction on returns is that they will not return or exchange any clearance items. If you want to cancel your order prior to shipping you simply need to call their return department and they will do that for any reason. If an item is damaged during shipping you must notify them right away or they will make you take it up with the shipping company.

Hockey Stick Outlet: Product images & screenshots
Hockey Stick Outlet Coupons
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